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Private tours of Ireland with Michael Fox Embark on an extraordinary adventure through Ireland with Michael Fox, your trusted guide for private tours. Experience the utmost in personalized service as we explore the enchanting landscapes aboard a luxurious Skoda Superb Sedan. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of history as we delve into the captivating world of heritage and culture.

My passion for the past shines through as we visit remarkable Stone Age sites, delve into the mysteries of early Christian monasteries, and marvel at the grandeur of castles. Let me bring history to life as we traverse the breathtaking landscapes of Ireland together.

I have been running a website on the Newgrange World Heritage Site for 23 years and conducting Private Guided Tours of the Boyne Valley and Wicklow for 13 years. You can see Trip Advisor reviews of my Private Tours at Boyne Valley Tours and Day Tours Dublin.

Over the past few years, I have broadened my horizons to encompass the entirety of Ireland, offering my guests an unforgettable experience across the stunning landscapes of the Wild Atlantic Way, spanning from Donegal to Kerry. Additionally, I have developed a deep appreciation for other remarkable destinations such as the captivating medieval city of Kilkenny. Join me on a remarkable journey through these incredible locations and discover the true essence of Ireland's beauty and charm.

Testimonial - 7 Day Tour

I would highly recommend Michael as a guide. He showed us places most tourists never see. His insights and humor made each day a pleasure. We were never rushed, but didn't seem to miss a thing. Michael is full of historical information. This is the way to see Ireland! His car was very comfortable and it was great having someone else drive.

Jill from Colorado, United States.

Testimonial - 6 Day Tour

Michael Fox is unique and special. We booked a custom 6-day tour of Neolithic sites across Ireland. It's a bit daunting committing to spend 6 days with someone sight unseen. But Michael is an engaging conversationalist, conversant across a wide variety of topics and at the same time, willing to let there be quiet when that is what's appropriate.

Planning the trip was easy and thoughtful. I give him an outline of what I was thinking and in a couple of emails we zeroed in on what turned out to be an exciting adventure of a lifetime. When I asked for some recommendations about reading material to prepare for the tour, he shipped me a handful of books from his own library.

Michael is a great driver. That's easy to overlook, but tiny roads out in the countryside are fraught with danger for the uninitiated American (driving on the wrong side). Dozens of times my wife and I said, "I'm sure glad you're driving."

Best of all, Michael understands the stones. Not just knowledge, although there's plenty of that. But also a spiritual awareness of just how sacred these places are. He was always sensitive to give us plenty of space and quiet to experience the settings and the monuments, although we spent a lot of time discussing and debating what we were seeing.

Rusty from Texas, United States.

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